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In response to the popular demand for “better-for-you” vending options, Perfect Choice Refreshments is committed in helping your business provide healthier snack and beverage choices to your employees, in state-of-art interactive vending machines or an all-in-one snack center, serving up something better for everyone.

A proven, trendy, and practical solution that provides you what you  want:

healthy vending machines miami

  • Better food and beverages choices
  • Ability to select multiple items
  • Products that provide fuel for sustained energy
  • Pay with virtual wallets like Apple Pay
  • Innovative touchscreen technology
  • FDA-approved nutrition information display
  • Contemporary equipment that engages consumers

Watch video: “Hello Goodness: A New Take on Vending”


Created to differentiate from traditional vending machines, and leverage PepsiCo’s popular brands.

Product variety:

Product options include: low-calorie, low-fat, Kosher, gluten-free, real fruit, whole grains, low-sodium

Point of sale video screen:

Touchscreen technology provides the ability to select more than one item and check nutritional information before purchase. Customer can also pay with coins, bills, credit cards, and virtual wallets.

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miami vending machines
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 healthy vending machines for office


Today’s most demanded, “better for you” brands in contemporary, state-of-art interactive vending equipment for your business.