Ms. Choice’s Healthier Snacking Tips

I’m Ms. Choice and I’m here to provide information and assist in promoting and implementing wellness and healthier snacking at work sites and schools.

• Top off your fuel tank several times a day with snacks; you’ll feel energized and satisfied throughout the day.

• It’s unrealistic to give up sweet treats if you really enjoy them. Like anything else, eat them “smartly” and in moderation.

• Focus on fiber and protein. Choose cereal bars or granola bars with a little protein (check the Nutrition Facts) and some fiber to help keep you full longer.

• Pretzels or baked chips are a great low-fat, low-calorie way to satisfy the mid-day munchies.

• Craving cookies? Animal crackers, fig bars, ginger snaps, pop tarts or graham crackers are great tasting lower fat choices. Pair these with low-fat milk, a protein-rich food, and you’ve satisfied that craving.

For additional resources visit the following websites:

Use the Healthy schools Product Calculator to determine if a snack food or side item meets the Alliance’s Guidelines for Competitive Foods: