Water Filtration Systems


Perfect Choice installs attractive, freestanding floor and tabletop water dispensers that provide hot, cold and room temperature water on demand. Filtered water systems offer a cost effective and convenient way of supplying clean, refreshing drinking water at your place of business. Our filtered water units are environmentally friendly; a safe and sanitary way to ensure you’re drinking clean water at your workplace.

Benefits of Bottleless Water Systems:
  • Low Cost
  • Better Water Quality
  • Convenience
  • Environmentally Conscious

Did you know that 75% of all bottled water is purified municipal water? By eliminating the bottling process, a bottleless water cooler provides you with better quality water for a fraction of the cost.





Everpure® – water you can trust.
Everpure® has been delivering clean, clear and consistent water to businesses for 75 years and is a leading manufacturer of innovative, quality and reliable commercial water treatment products, solutions and services.

Everpure® is the most recognized water treatment brand in the food industry, serving many well-known companies, such as Starbucks®, Coca-Cola®, and Walt Disney World®. Hundreds of thousands of operations around the globe trust Everpure® to provide them with high quality water.

Why look for NSF certification?

NSF International, which sets industry standards for water filtration systems, has tested and certified Everpure precoat filters with its highest ratings for meeting strict guidelines for health and aesthetic qualities. Everpure precoat filters are certified under Standard 42, Class I for aesthetic effects and Standard 53 for health effects. For more information, visit www.nsf.org.