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Hiring a Refreshment Solution: What You Need to Know

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Hiring a Refreshment Solution: What You Need to Know

When narrowing down search results, consumers can be swayed by the reviews, star ratings, and social media accounts of the companies that offer solutions to their problems. This common occurrence, while inherent with our modernized ways of research, leaves consumers vulnerable to unsafe hiring practices. It’s convenient to assume that a company who promotes itself loudly online must engage in background checks and routine security improvements…but is that always the case?

To help you weed through the Google results, Perfect Choice has put together a checklist for seeking a refreshment solution:

1. Liability Insurance

It is extremely important that your refreshment provider has liability insurance for their employees and work vehicles. Consider the following scenarios that could arise from an uninsured vendor: a slip and fall on your company’s premises, a vehicle collision within your property lines, or an expired product fed to one of your employees. If you have hired a vendor without liability insurance, you could be held medically and legally responsible for the outcome of these situations.

2. Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation differs from liability insurance, only covering injuries a vendor’s employee obtains on your premises. This provides medical expense coverage and any wage loss as a result of that employee’s injury. The two types of insurance – worker’s compensation and liability insurance – must be acquired by the prospective refreshment vendor to account for any and all necessary coverage.

3.  State Registration

Verify that your refreshment company is registered with the state and has all the licenses of operation. Choosing to work with properly registered companies promotes fair business practices.

4. Employee Background Checks

Always work with a company that has run background checks on their employees and incoming hires. Background checks are an essential part of the hiring process, and refer to a broad spectrum of information, not just a criminal record. When a business chooses to conduct background checks on their employees, they showcase responsibility for their business and for the overall safety of their clients.

Other considerations:

– Is your prospective refreshment solution on the rise with emerging technologies?

– Compared to their competitors, is their cost reasonable?

– Do they offer free consultations of your space prior to becoming your provider?

It is my hope that the above information helps you find the best fit for your location’s needs. If you have any questions or want to learn more about hiring a refreshment solution, contact me at lorena@perfectchoicerefreshments.com.

I look forward to chatting with you!

Written by Lorena Ricci, Director of Operations and Business Development at Perfect Choice Refreshment Services | perfectchoicerefreshments.com

Perfect Choice Contest Giveaway!

Perfect Choice Contest Giveaway!

In honor of NAMA’s 3rd Annual National Coffee Service Month this past September, Perfect Choice held a contest giveaway with a prize  of 24 Starbucks K-cups for an office or location! 

Congratulations to Anezka!

We love that she starts off her day with a wonderful cup o’ joe in her wonder woman mug.


First Recyclable EcoCups

Marley Coffee Ships First Recyclable EcoCups

Emily Jed | 8/19/15

Marley Coffee said it shipped the first batch of its new recyclable EcoCups on July 31. The initial shipments were delivered to office coffee service operations, among other channels.

Created in partnership with Canadian roaster Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee, the recyclable EcoCup is a clear capsule compatible with most Keurig K-Cup machines that allows consumers to see both the coffee grounds and the filter through its exterior while preventing oxidation. It remains sealed until brewing, maintaining taste and freshness.

Consumers can dispose of EcoCups by peeling off the lid of the pod, composting the grounds, discarding the lid and filter, and recycling the outer cup. All current Marley Coffee RealCup single-serve capsules will begin transitioning to the new EcoCup format and will remain at the same price point, according to the company.

EcoCups will be available online and at retailers nationwide starting in late August in a variety of light, medium, dark and espresso roasts. The suggested retail price for most Marley Coffee roasts is $9.99 for 12-ct. boxes. All are certified USDA Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified or Jamaica Blue Mountain and are Blue Ribbon Kosher Certified.

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