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What being “social” means to Perfect Choice.

Perfect Choice is now social!

As we entered the fast-paced universe of social media, we asked ourselves: 
“What does being social really mean today?”

At Perfect Choice, we believe that there is a responsibility to connect with our growing world, and to lend a hand wherever needed.vending miami

That’s why Perfect Choice is donating $365 to Heifer International,to help women attain training and education while supporting a livelihood.

By donating just one dollar for every day we were in business last year, we help fund a small business for years to come. An entire community can benefit from the resources that this movement will generate.

“As a business woman, being social is not about getting likes or followers. It is about our responsibility to connect, to learn, to communicate and to reach out.

In that spirit, we are donating a dollar for every day of the past business year to launch someone else’s dream. We’re a part of our social world.
Let’s join the conversation.

Lorena Ricci, President of Operations
Photo credits: www.heifer.org