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Introducing PayRange: our NEW mobile payment solution

Advancements in Payment Technology
Perfect Choice is committed to evolving with technology
as demand for safe and secure payment methods increase.
Our vending operation has gone mobile! Introducing:

The world’s simplest mobile payment solution for machines.
Easy To Use

Download the PayRange App (free in the iTunes App Store) to begin using. Move your smartphone within arms length of your preferred vending machine to automatically connect. A simple “swipe” on your smartphone screen will complete payment for your desired product.
Click to view video.

Easy to Fund

The PayRange App accepts all major credit & debit cards, and funds can be added through Apple Pay. Personal and payment information is securely managed by a PCI Compliant Processor, and is never shared with the machines.

Accepted payment options.

Vending Machine Healthy Options Outsell Junk Food

California Study: Vending Machine Healthy Options Outsell Junk Food

Rick Nauret | November 30, 2015

California Study: Vending Machine Healthy Options Outsell Junk Food

The campus-based study found that when given the choice between cookies, chips, and candy bars verse nuts, trail mix, and air-popped snacks, consumers went healthy.The study is believed to be the first of its kind on an American college campus.

As part of the UC Global Food Initiative, the University of California has compiled case studies of how research done at UC campuses, including UCLA’s vending machine study, has contributed to food and agriculture policy.

Among those case studies cited is the study that was done by members of UCLA’s Healthy Campus Initiative in collaboration with UCLA’s Housing and Hospitality Services.

Researchers planned, implemented, and evaluated a pilot vending machine program aimed at encouraging customers to choose healthier items over conventional snack items without compromising the financial viability of the machines.

“What we aimed to do was methodologically identify healthier products and encourage customers to choose them, all without compromising the machines’ financial performance,” said Joe Viana, a doctoral student at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health who conducted the study…

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Vending Sustainability Initiatives | Press Release

Following our bottlers’ sustainability initiatives, we came across this press release on Vending Times:

PepsiCo Sustainability Initiatives Delivered More Than $375 Million In Estimated Cost Savings Since 2010

September 25, 2015  | PepsiCo

PepsiCo Inc. (NYSE: PEP) today announced that its environmental sustainability programs saved the company more than $375 million since its goals were established in 2010. The savings were achieved through the continued progress of the company’s water, energy, packaging and waste-reduction initiatives. During the same time period, the company delivered double-digit net revenue and operating profit growth1 — demonstrating that investments in sustainability are mutually beneficial for business and society.

These efforts are part of the company’s commitment to Performance with Purpose, which is PepsiCo’s vision to deliver financial performance over the long term by integrating sustainability into its business strategy, leaving a positive imprint on society and the environment. The company’s achievements and progress are detailed in its 2014 Corporate Sustainability Report, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Report and first-ever sustainability microsite, howwillwe.com.

“Performance with Purpose helps drive our business growth and prepares us to meet the needs of our changing world,” said Indra Nooyi, chairman and CEO of PepsiCo. “As leaders gather this month to adopt…


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First Recyclable EcoCups

Marley Coffee Ships First Recyclable EcoCups

Emily Jed | 8/19/15

Marley Coffee said it shipped the first batch of its new recyclable EcoCups on July 31. The initial shipments were delivered to office coffee service operations, among other channels.

Created in partnership with Canadian roaster Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee, the recyclable EcoCup is a clear capsule compatible with most Keurig K-Cup machines that allows consumers to see both the coffee grounds and the filter through its exterior while preventing oxidation. It remains sealed until brewing, maintaining taste and freshness.

Consumers can dispose of EcoCups by peeling off the lid of the pod, composting the grounds, discarding the lid and filter, and recycling the outer cup. All current Marley Coffee RealCup single-serve capsules will begin transitioning to the new EcoCup format and will remain at the same price point, according to the company.

EcoCups will be available online and at retailers nationwide starting in late August in a variety of light, medium, dark and espresso roasts. The suggested retail price for most Marley Coffee roasts is $9.99 for 12-ct. boxes. All are certified USDA Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified or Jamaica Blue Mountain and are Blue Ribbon Kosher Certified.

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Guilt-Free Coffee Pods

compostable-coffee-pods2Compostable, biodegradable and recyclable pods are all possible “green” solutions for locations and while consumers may be asking for more eco-friendly coffee solutions, many might not be sure what is even available.

Know how eco-friendly your next pod of coffee is with helpful distinctions from Vending Market Watch: http://www.vendingmarketwatch.com/blog/12097891/guilt-free-coffee-pods